Acorn Arcade Gaming news and views In praise of !ShareFS provided both machines have the same netmask, overlapping netmasks is not sufficient. In praise of !ShareFS ARCshare by Brian Heslop: In praise of !ShareFS I think the way forward is probably to leave existing ShareFS "1.0" as-is (perhaps with added diagnostics) for compatibility with pre-existing systems, as there is a need for sharing files with older systems back to RO 3.1. In praise of !ShareFS If it works, ShareFS (aka Access) is ok'ish. The way the sharing works is easy, which is probably the only reason to actually use it. Having it available on most RISC OS machines out-of-the-box is a big plus. In praise of !ShareFS I'm a recent buyer of CloudFS so I can share files via pCloud on RISC OS to my PC and Mac, it's been fantastic, totally transformed my RISC OS machine to something I can realistically use for real work. In praise of !ShareFS We are ShareFS a lot here. The only problem is writing to an older machine from a newer one e.g. a RiscPC from a RapidO Ig. Pulling the file to the RiscPC is one solution. We now find it more convenient to set the 'next' slot on the faster machine to about 250K which also makes it reliable. Aemulor The latest development builds of Aemulor are fine with the zero page protection, and - necessarily - provide alternative mechanisms for 26-bit application code still to act as if it were not present. In praise of !ShareFS For some more 'fine-grained access controls' you might want to look at Access+. It's the lesser used bottom entry in ShareFS' menu, and as of a few weeks ago the !Access+ application (to set up the client side) is available from ROOL again after a long absence. Yeah that was my fault for resurrecting the thread. Sorry! Just realised that the previous thread was last year; what I was talking about was last week